gary skiingspring timeHappy spring from Braasch Environmental Photography. This is the 40th spring since I began photographing in Oregon, the beginning of my work as a nature photographer and environmental photojournalist. To mark this time, we will feature some of the images and assignments which continue to resonate as nature photography, ecological details, and reflections on current issues like climate change and the importance of preserving biodiversity. Coming up will be a portfolio from my innovative assignment for LIFE magazine, published 20 years ago this year, during which I spent three weeks high in the canopy and among the buttress roots of a huge tropical tree in Costa Rica. But we'll begin with images from some of the first nature photography journeys in the Northwest -- including a shot of some dude with big hair and bamboo ski poles spring skiing near Mount Hood in 1974.





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Celebrating the art and skill of Brian Schulz, boat builder and natural designer, who among other things teaches kayak building from native woods at his Cape Falcon Kayak company.




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